While the impact of homeschooling on women’s participation at work has received considerable attention across the media, the role of unpaid caring for an adult has received scant attention. The purpose of this research is to better understand the relationship between unpaid caring or care work and paid employment. The study has received full ethical approval from Heriot Watt University and asks a range of questions about your experiences of providing unpaid care for a relative or friend.

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, and no identifiable information is collected. Each question is voluntary, and you may skip any questions which you would prefer not to answer. Any identifiable information e.g. names of individuals or organisations such as employers will be removed from the final data to ensure anonymity. 

The research will be used to inform publications, for example, blog posts, journal and conference papers. The data may also be used as a pilot study for a larger funded project. 
If you have any questions regarding the study please contact the lead researcher Professor Kate Sang (k.sang@hw.ac.uk).

The survey can be found here

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