How did front line workers manage menstruation and menopause during the pandemic?

We know that it can be difficult to manage periods at work especially if your job involves travel e.g. bus drivers and couriers or you have limited access to toilets during the working day e.g. nurses and teachers. We would like to understand how front line workers in the UK managed their periods during the pandemic while there may have been challenges with accessing toilets, menstrual products and healthcare. We are interested in whether PPE affected the management of menstruation and the effects of Covid more widely e.g. long-covid.

The lead researcher is Professor Kate Sang, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University, 

Dr Katriona Myhill is also leading the research. Both Kate and Katie are part of the Centre for Research on Employment, Work and the professionS or CREWs

The study will make use of a survey, which should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. The data will be fully anonymised and stored safely on the Heriot Watt University secure servers. The survey can be found here  

The survey is open to anyone who menstruates (or did menstruate during the pandemic) – and we welcome responses from trans and non-binary people.

Important ethical information 

  1. The study has received full ethical approval from the School of Social Sciences Ethics Committee – number 2022-3189-6432 
  1. The data will be fully anonymised and securely stored 
  1. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time 
  1. The anonymised data may be used to inform research outputs such as a report. No individual or organisation will be identifiable in these outputs  
  1. We anticipate conducting follow up interviews. If you are interested in taking part, please provide a contact email address.  

Use of your data (for more information contact Data Protection Officer contact details:  

Heriot Watt’s policy on research participants’ data can be found here