Parenting in academia
The experiences of parents working within academia has been neglected in the academic literature, specifically, how parenting impacts academic careers as well as the ways in which academic workplace cultures impact attitudes to parenting. The goal of the project is to interview 20 male and female academics across several universities in Scotland, focussing on those from social science disciplines. The interviews will last for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, and will be video/audio recorded for the purposes of later transcription and thematic analysis. The project has received full ethical approval from Heriot Watt University and the University of Western Sydney. All interviews will be fully anonymised, ensuring individuals and institutions cannot be identified. The interviews will take place by telephone or skype face-to-face, at a location convenient to the participants. We anticipate interviews taking place in April 2015.
The objectives of the project are to consider the following research questions:

1. How do parenting responsibilities impact career progression?
2. How do parenting responsibilities impact employment participation?
3. How do academic careers and workplace cultures impact parenting practice?
4. How do workplace gender and parenting policies impact employment and parenting practice?
Research team
The interdisciplinary research team will include people that represent each of the key stakeholder groups: (1) Dr Kate Sang, from Business Management at HWU; (2) Dr Kate Huppatz from Sociology at the University of Western Sydney; and (3) Prof Jemina Napier, from Languages & Intercultural Studies at HWU.
If you would like to participate in the research, or learn more about the study, please contact Kate on
Please circulate this call for participants to any colleagues you think may be interested.

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