Dear All,

I would be most grateful if you could share the following information with anyone you think may be interested. The closing date is set as 11th May, but we are flexible on this.
This is a three year fully funded scholarship in the School of Management and Languages and would require attendance at Heriot Watt (Edinburgh).
LGBT employees in the 21st Century UK workplace
Dr Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese and Dr Kate Sang
Within the UK legal protections for employees on the grounds of sexuality and gender identity have undergone significant advances within recent years. Subsequent to the introduction of the 2010 Equality Act, further legal advances have been made in terms of marriage, specifically same sex marriage and further provisions related to gender identity. However, the human resource management literature demonstrates that LGBT employees face significant discrimination in the workplace, including harassment and exclusion from informal networks. These effects are gendered, with lesbian women reporting further discriminatory treatment and bisexual employees largely absent from the literature. Along side this, work-life balance policies are disproportionately utilised by women with small children. This project would examine the experiences of LGBT employees in the workplace in the UK, in light of the efficacy of the legal protections. Projects may examine work-life balance policies, experiences of discrimination and harassment or other aspects of people’s experience of work. The project will bring together perspectives from sociology and human resource management with business law. It is likely to combine legal methods, including doctrinal analysis of relevant legal frameworks, with qualitative examinations of the workplace. In addition, projects may wish to take an intersectional perspective, drawing together gender with sexuality/gender identity.
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