The experiences of feminist academics have been well charted, with many reporting difficulties with colleagues and students. Within the context of the neoliberal university, feminist academics may face tensions between their personal ideals and the demands of managerialism. Further, research suggests that women academics who teach equality and diversity, or feminism, are more likely to receive negative student feedback – relative to male colleagues. This study will examine the perspectives of academics who attempt to integrate feminist research and theory into their teaching. The context is the business school, where women remain under-represented at senior levels. The interviews will explore the lived experiences of feminist academics who are critiquing the dominant discourses within a neoliberal context, and the strategies they adopt to navigate their relationships with staff and students.

Interview responses will be fully anonymised (including institutional data) and data secured securely. The resulting data will be used to inform journal publications and blog posts.

Please contact Kate Sang ( or Steven Glasgow ( if you would like to to participate in either an email or telephone/Skype interview.

Please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested, including colleagues in business/management schools outside of the UK.

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